ORIGIN: The M.A.U.L. program was created in a direct response to the growing number of superpowers beings operating across the globe, and an even more direct response to the failed Project Y program. Believing it needed its own response team the Government enlisted soldiers from various branches of the military and transformed them into something more. The original team consisted of six members: Phaser, Burnout, Mr. Grey, Altitude, Monster, and Creep. Much like the Ulysses Project in the 60’s and Project Y, M.A.U.L. was absolute disaster. The original six members turned on their creators, killed them, and set out on their own.
HEIGHT: Varied
WEIGHT: Varied
EYES: Varied
HAIR: Varied
POWERS: The specific members of M.A.U.L. have various abilities, all of which include enhanced strength, speed, agility, and a knowledge of fighting techniques and weapons. Their member-specific abilities include: phasing, flame projection, body mimicking, flight, energy blasts, extreme strength, and limited mind-control. When working in unison they make for a dangerous foe.
FIRST APPEARANCE: X-League #2 (Original Universe)