REAL NAME: Humphrey Hughes
ORIGIN: Hunphrey Hughes was born on the streets of New York City at the turn of the century. He lost his parents at an early age and spent much of his youth as a grifter and a thief. After a failed robbery resulted in the death of his best friend and an encounter with a strange magic box enhanced his brain in ways difficult to imagine, Humphrey vowed to turn his life around and put his streetwise abilities to good use, becoming the cities top private investigator. His remarkable mind and ability to use a handgun drew the attention of the government when putting together the original version of The League. While he joined the original team late, he was picked to become the leader of the second version in 1960.
HEIGHT: 5’10
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Blue
POWERS: While Bogey had no actual superpowers physically, his abilities as a detective were legendary in the enforcement circles, not to mention his handiness with a handgun. Both of these things made him an integral member of the League in terms of strategy and leadership abilities.
FIRST APPEARANCE: X-League #0 (Original Universe)