REAL NAME: Willie Hayward II
ORIGIN: Wilson (Willie) Hayward was born a relatively poor boy on the mean streets of Detroit. Named after the father than abandoned him, he was raised by his mother and spent much of his youth getting in all sorts of trouble with the law. While vandalizing what he thought was a run-of-the-mill local business, he was exposed to a top-secret drug that somehow transformed his entire body to living stone. At first he used his newfound abilities to steal and reek havoc. It wasn’t until the death of his mother that he turned his life around, eventually becoming a member of the government supergroup The League.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: None
POWERS: Bulk’s body is comprised entirely of stone. Even his insides (lungs, heart, etc.) were transformed, and income cases removed entirely by the experimental drug. This makes him nearly invulnerable to harm. It’s also given him exceptional physical strength, leaving him capable of lifting an almost limitless amount of weight. He can also regenerate his stone exterior over time. Theoretically, if he were to lose an arm, he would eventually grow it back.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Novak Comics Origins: The League