REAL NAME: Klifton Terrax
ORIGIN: Born into the royal family of the planet Katella, Klifton was the youngest son of King Klemson Terrax II. After the death of Klemson’s eldest son, the hero Kellowat, the powers of Heaven were scheduled to be handed down to Klifton’s elder brother, Kellon. Jealous, and fearing the powers would never find their to him, Klifton poisoned Kellon and happily accepted the powers he had long desired. With the powers and the throne, he ruled Katella with an iron fist, subjugating it’s people and doing it with a smile.
HEIGHT: 7’10
WEIGHT: 1,315
EYES: Purple
HAIR: None
POWERS: His body surging with the powers of Heaven, Demolition has enhanced speed, reflexes and agility. His pure, brute strength is off the charts. As a ruler he is harsh, demanding, and cares little for the safety of those beneath him. This mix of ego and nihilism make him an unpredictable enemy.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Pen Man #16 (Original Universe)