REAL NAME: Tulan Redam
ORIGIN: Many, many years ago, Tulan was a student of Heaven. He was a loyal follower of the place and an admirer of its people and its rich history. Or so he thought. When Tulan began discovering that not everything he believed about Heaven was exactly true, he was assassinated by the very beings he once revered. After his death he ended up in a place called Limbo – a midway between life and death. It was here that he was tortured, discovered the Cloak of Tellarosh, learned ancient magics, and set forth a plan to exact revenge on Heaven.
EYES: Black and Orange
HAIR: None
POWERS: Having survived Death itself, and mastered ancient magic seen by few, it is unclear if Enigma can even truly “die” at this point. Or if he really lives. While his strength, speed and ability are all enhanced, it is his intelligence and the knowledge of magic and history that make him so dangerous. In his time among the realms of the living and the dead, he as seen quite a lot, and understands things in a way few others ever will.
FIRST APPEARANCE: The Amazing Pan Man #5 (Original Universe)