REAL NAME: Darcy Reynolds
ORIGIN: Darcy Reynolds was born different. Covered in fur and with a mouthful of sharp teeth, and clawed fingers, her life was destined to be difficult from the very beginning. When her mother died during childbirth Darcy was released to the state and spent her most formative years among scientists, being studied, tested, and experiments on. It was a difficult youth. When she was sixteen and the scientists had discovered all they could discover she was released to join the world’s foremost superhero team, The League.
HEIGHT: Varied
EYES: Orange
HAIR: Orange
POWERS: Fangirl possesses incredible strength, speed and agility. The teeth in her mouth are razor sharp and capable of cutting into pure steel. The claws on her fingers are equally dangerous. She also has remarkable sight in low light situations, and enhanced olfactory senses. Her abilities are somewhat comparable to that of a cat, though they go much further. her years in captivity however, have left her angry, emotionally detached, and wildly unpredictable.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Novak Comics Origins: The League