REAL NAME: Eddie Edwards
 While attending a protest in the early 60’s, an unusual mixture of psychedelic drugs and a lethal dose of gas administered by the police, resulted in granting Eddie incredible “emotion magic.” It took Eddie a number of years to fully gain control of his powers and when he did he garnered the attention of the super-powered team, The League.
HEIGHT: 5’8″
WEIGHT: 190 lbs.
EYES: Green
HAIR: Brown
POWERS: While he has no real fight-training or experience, Hippie has the incredibly rare ability to conjure magic based on emotions. Although it isn’t magic in the traditional sense of the word if Hippie is able to feel it, or think it, he can create it. In fact, his abilities are limited only by his creativity, making him one of the more powerful members in the long history of The League.
FIRST APPEARANCE: X-League #0 (Original Universe)