REAL NAME: Gina Maddox
ORIGIN:Originally known as Muscle Girl, Gina Maddox was born with the incredible ability to multiply her muscle mass at will. She discovered this ability as a child and used it to her advantage in sports, making her a High School and College standout athlete. In her Sophomore year in College she was recruited to join The League in the 1980’s. After two years on the team she changed her name from Muscle Girl to Lady Muscle, eventually taking up a leadership role for a brief period of time.
HEIGHT: Varied
WEIGHT: Varied
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
POWERS: Lady Muscle has the incredible ability to grow and shrink her muscle mass at will. When she changes size she changes her shape, mass, weight, and strength levels, therefore making her actual limits almost impossible to record. She can even expand specific parts her body, ie. one arm, or one leg, etc. Because of these changes to her cellular structure, she ages differently than most humans and her true “age” at this point it difficult to determine.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Novak Comics Origins: The League