REAL NAME: Phillip J. McGraw
 Phillip McGraw has spent his life researching the “superpowered.” After graduating the top of his class he moved directly into a position with the government and was assigned to the special projects division, codenamed “Project Y.” While much of Project Y was focused on technological enhancements, McGraw was more faced on the biological changes. It wasn’t long before he resigned his position and set out to research on his own. It was during this time that he discovered his “Monster Elixir.”
HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 210 lbs.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
POWERS: While Phillip McGraw has no specific powers, other than his incredible intelligence when in his human form, the “Monster Elixir” has the ability to transform him into a super-strong, rage monster with physical attributes rivaling the strongest superhumans. Unfortunately, in his monster form, his intelligence drops dramatically.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Pen Man #1 (Original Universe)