REAL NAME: Unknown
ORIGIN: Little is known about the villain Nitro. He appeared on the scene in the late 1950’s, bringing with him a host of incredible powers and an intense dislike for the human race. Every time he fought Earths super-team, The League and Heaven’s appointed hero at the time he seemed to grow stronger. Eventually it took a worldwide collation of Earth’s super-powered community to take him down. When the fight came to an end, Nitro retreated to space, never to be seen or heard from again.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Red/Brown
POWERS: Nitro’s powers seemed to come directly from the sun. Somehow he had the ability to harness the very particles of the universe into his body and transform them into pure energy. This gave him incredible strength, speed, ability, and durability, as well as a remarkable healing factor. He could also transform the particles into blasts or energy from his hands, and/or body as a whole. The limitations of his ability are unknown, as is his age, race, or whereabouts today.
FIRST APPEARANCE: X-League #10: Original Universe