REAL NAME: Reginald Shavers
ORIGIN: Detective Mark Simms was a good cop. Because of this he found himself with a lot of enemies. One day, while sending some vacation time with his family he and those he loved were gunned down on the beach. The attack left him in a coma, and ended the lives of his wife and daughter. When he awoke some time later, he became a one-man army, singular focused on ending crime and murdering the murders.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: None
POWERS: While The Pointmaker technically has no superhuman abilities, his body has been trained and toned to the absolute peak of human abilities. His years in the military and as an officer of the l aw give him a unique knowledge of the inner-workings of various crime organizations, as well as a the knowledge to take them down. His focus and determination are matched by few, and while you might defeat him physically, you’ll never match his resolve.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Pointmaker #1 (Original Universe)
(Originally created by Nick. C. Novak)