REAL NAME: Miles Mattney
ORIGIN: Despite growing up a member of the Mattney family, Miles never adjusted well to the family’s super-villain lifestyle. If it weren’t for his physically deformed younger brother, he might have been considered the black sheep of the family. When his parents died, Miles attempted to move into a “regular” civilian life. During a mountain climbing expedition he was left for dead. Rescued and resurrected from the dead by the monks living among the mountains he was fitted with an ancient artifact that changed him into something more and dragged him into the exact lifestyle he had always rejected.
WEIGHT: 1,450
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
POWERS: Despite being a Mattney, Miles wasn’t born with the enhanced physical abilities of his siblings. His powers come exclusively from the magic helmet and armor given to him. His strength is incredible – on par with the strongest super-powered beings in the universe. The armor also provides him with an incredible level of protection from both physical and magical attacks.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Folder Man #4 (Original Universe)