REAL NAME: Thomas Calloway
ORIGIN: Tommy Calloway was a fan of superheroes the minute he learned of their existence. He was an average kid, living an average life, in an average small town, when a meteorite crashed through the roof of his bedroom. The radiation from the space rock changed the very make up of his body giving him the ability to stretch and bend his form at will. After the accident the government tried to retain Thomas’ body for medical testing, until the hero, Grass Man stepped in and removed him from the situation. Since that day, Thomas has been not only a member of the super team, The League, but a family member as well.
HEIGHT: 5’8 (Maximum stretch height has never been tested)
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
POWERS: Every molecule in the body of Rubberband Man has the ability to alter it’s shape at will. His limbs, torso, and even his head can extend to incredible lengths, bent to form complex shapes, and even grab and pull objects. Surprisingly, the further he stretches, the stronger he becomes, enabling him to lift, hold, and even throw objects he would be unable to move in his natural state.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Thunderstrike #1 (Original Universe)
(Originally created by Nick C. Novak)