REAL NAME: Velcov Mesgor
 After Splice was killed during a battle with Pen Man, the planet Xerxes found itself without a heaven-apointed protector, and unable to get one when the council of Heaven forbid them from creating one. Ignoring the wishes of the council, the God of Xerxes approached a secret subset of the government and ordered then to create a protector without the powers of Heaven. As a member of the Xerxes Special Forces, Velcov Mesgor was chosen to undergo the transformation.
HEIGHT: 6’1″
WEIGHT: 280 lbs.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: None
POWERS: As a former member of the Xerxes Special Forces, Strack has extensive knowledge in military tactics and a wealth of real-time battle experience. His strength, sped and agility are enhanced well beyond the average Xerxian. The Gauntlets and claws bonded to his hands and forearms is created by the same unbreakable material used to create Splice’s blades.
FIRST APPEARANCE: The Amazing Pen Man #10 (Original Universe)