REAL NAME: Prima Valiska
 Born in the tiny country of Klispinik, Prima’s mother was a low-level witch practicing in secret for fear of her life. When her secret was discovered she was captured, tortured, and burnt at the stake. While removing burnt husk of her body from the embers, a local woman discovered that the unborn Prima was somehow still alive in her womb. It seems before being burnt the witch put a spell on her unborn child  in order to protect it from the flames. The local woman removed the baby from the corpse and raised it as her own.
HEIGHT: 5’6″
WEIGHT: 109 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
POWERS: A master of the mystic arts, The Red Witch has been studying her entire life to hone the skills already meshed into her DNA. She can project various forms of energy, control aspects of the weather, and call upon aid from beings from other realms of existence. Essentially, if there is a spell for it, she can probably do it.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Novak Comics Origins Shorts