REAL NAME: Vitaly Roshinko and Andrei Kabranov
ORIGIN: Vitaly and Andrei were former secret agents of the Russian army. They grew up in the system. Trained to be the best of the best and the toughest of the tough. They were Russians through and through. Until their secret affair was made public. There love was a no-no, When they were asked to put an end to the affair, they refused. Whey they refused they were scheduled for assassination. Somehow the pair survived, managed to escape Russia, and begin their lives anew as champions of justice.
HEIGHT: Vitaly (6’1) Andrei (6’2)
WEIGHT: Vitaly (225) Andrei (205)
EYES: Blue (Both)
HAIR: Brown (Both)
POWERS: While neither Andrei or Vitaly have any real “super powers,” they are both highly trained and effective soldiers with years of experience in espionage, and real-life combat techniques. Their knowledge of weapons and fighting techniques is unprecedented and their bodies are  honed to the very limits of human capabilities.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Thunderstrike #1 (Original Universe)
(Originally created by Nick C. Novak)