I supposed to be finishing the second novel in the Breadcrumbs For the Nasties series. It was due in the “Fall of 2014.”

Yeah…well…that ain’t happening.

I’ll get back to it, and I’ll finish it eventually, (I promise) Anything you but I’m just not excited about it at the moment. In fact, the only thing I’m remotely interested in right now, as far as my personal projects is concerned, is the same thing I was really interested in when I was twelve.

Pen Man is something I’ve been drawing, off an on, my entire life. It’s a lay in bed with piece of bristol board and a pen before I fall asleep at night sort of thing. For a while I was making them available as Kindle ebooks, but creating and uploading epub documents is a pain in my ass. Plus, no one was reading them. Not that I necessarily care, but it is what it is. I’m not saying anyone is likely to read them in this form, but they’re now free and people tend to like things free, so who knows?

I don’t plan on doing any sort of promoting…so that’s probably an issue.

I’m currently drawing issue fifteen, so you can count on at least that many before I get bored with it the same as I get bored with everything and move onto something else.

Actually, while I might slow down here and there, the chances of quitting Pen Man entirely seem pretty unlikely. I’m well into my thirties and I’ve been drawing this dude with the weird bakers hat hair since I was twelve. That ain’t too shabby.

I’m not sure if it’s really something to brag about, but it ain’t to shabby.

To get things rolling I’ve tossed up the first three issues. From this point on there will be two pages a week, one on TUESDAY and one on THURSDAY. 

I’m excited.

I’m having fun.

Excited and fun are good things.

I don’t do either of them nearly enough.


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