Because Pen Man is a 100% free time endeavor, I don’t actually “write” scripts for each issue. I usually have a basic idea of where I want to go with the story, and draw a little bit every night when I crawl into bed. Eventually I get around to scanning the image and coloring it. Finally, when that’s all done, I “write” the actual issue.

It’s a weird way of doing things.

Probably not the best way.

I also don’t care.

I don’t plan on changing things anytime soon.

Anyway, because of the way I put these things together, sometimes a page or two gets dropped. The image below was originally supposed to appear in Issue 16. While I was “writing” it though, it just seemed out of place. I had planned it to be part of the section where Earth God is telling the story of what happened when Heaven exploded and things started going wacko, but in the end it just seemed like he was babbling on far too long.

Heaven blew up. Lots of “gods” were killed. Stuff was on fire. Cool. Now shut up about it.


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