REAL NAME: Unknown
ORIGIN: One among many, the appointed God of Earth finds himself in a constant struggle to come to terms with the things he’s he’s required to do, and the things he knows are right. With the unexpected death of Earth’s most renowned hero, Mister Miracle, Earth God has been forced to set into motion a prophecy not ready for motion.
HEIGHT: 5’8″
WEIGHT: 155 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
POWERS: While the God of Earth has no real “powers,” he has been alive a very long time, and learned more than a few things over the years. This knowledge, coupled with an understanding of magics, both dark and light, provide him with an understand of the universe on a level few can relate. As a citizen of heaven, he has also been trained in the basics of hand-to-hand combat and weaponry.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Pen Man #1 (Original Universe)

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