REAL NAME: Phinneas Potswaithe Jacko III
ORIGIN: After watching his beloved become collateral damage during a battle between Mister Miracle and Captain Sideburns, Phinneas vowed to see the wards of heaven, and all those with superpowers pay. With inherited money he founded the Jacko asylum, a prison superpowered beings, and a a way to exact his revenge. Around this time he also recovered the Orb Of Tellarosh, and began a lifelong journey to unlock its dark secrets.
After the death of Mister Mircale, Jacko attempted to frame Heaven’s newest appointed protector for murder. The plan ultimately failed and he soon found himself locked behind the very walls he’d created, surrounded by the creatures he hated most.
HEIGHT: 5’8″
WEIGHT: 168 lbs.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black and Gray
POWERS: While Phinneas P. Jacko has no real superhuman powers, he does maintain a remarkable intelligence from his years of study at home and abroad, including degrees the sciences of engineering, chemistry, and biology, as well as a healthy understanding of the human condition. Beyond that he has studied the dark arts extensively, and was even able to unlock the ability to harness a fraction of the powers from the fabled Orb Of Tellarosh.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Pen Man #3 (New Universe)

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