REAL NAME: Shawn Anderson
 Shawn Anderson was a mild-mannered college student when he was abducted by an ancient race of aliens called the Workonds, and transformed into something else entirely. While the Workonds had hoped to create another superpowered killer to add to their growing stable, Shawn broke free from the mental hold of his captors when he was asked to murder his own father. Unable to return to the life he’d known, Shawn decided to use his new skills for good, and became the wisecracking Raccoon.
HEIGHT: 5’8″
WEIGHT: 210 lbs.
EYES: Brown
POWERS: As the Raccoon, Shawn’s powers are varied. His strength, speed, and reflexes have all been enhanced to superhuman levels, as well as his ability to absorb punishment, and recovery time. While not able to fly, he gained a remarkable ability to understand mechanics, create, and put into action those creations. Not only did he build the jetpack strapped to his back, but the guns he uses as his primary weapon of choice.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Folder Man #1 (Original Universe)

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