ORIGIN: Born in a colony on the third moon of Shekka, as a young boy, the White Knight watched as his father was murdered by a Black Knight because of his position as constable. The very same knight submerged the boy’s face in a lava lake, leaving him disfigured and unrecognizable. From that moment forth, the White Knight dedicated himself to training, growing, and seeing revenge. He infiltrated one of the Knight Gangs, learned their ways, and used his newfound abilities to destroy the murderer of his father and the whole of the Black Knight clans.
HEIGHT: 6’3″
EYES: Black
HAIR: None
POWERS: The White Knight possess abilities and skills learned while undercover in the lair of the Knights on his home world. His strength, speed, and reaction time were enhanced, and he was trained in multiple fighting styles. His knowledge of traditional Knight weaponry, and his skills as a battle tactician are second to none.
FIRST APPEARANCE: X-League #1 (Original Universe)

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